Who’s in it with you?

I don’t like it in the wilderness. I’m not talking about the beautiful wilderness of New Mexico; I’m talking the biblical wilderness. We’re in Exodus this week in worship, as God’s people are beginning their long trek through a hostile environment. It feels like we’ve been maneuvering a hostile environment for ages, doesn’t it? But I’ve come to appreciate, once again this week, that it makes all the difference in the world who’s in it with you. In the last three days:

  • Anthony put the spare on my car, in the Walgreen’s parking lot, after my tire blew
  • Marie got the malware off of my computer
  • Michele supervised the installation of a touch-free bottle-filling station here at church to save water and keep our community safer
  • Debby brainstormed how we can help meet basic needs for our refugee neighbors
  • Beth encouraged us to stay strong in our Reconciling In Christ work
  • Elaine shared pictures of her family (four generations!) enjoying the faith activity boxes put together by Sharon
  • Rob filled snack bags for our neighbors in need of food and caring community
  • COAST connected us with a woman needing to get back to family in order to nurture her sobriety – St. Tim’s paid her bus fare
  • Raul practiced a Chopin piece in the sanctuary filling my office with beautiful music
  • Countless words of encouragement and support poured into my inbox and flowed through my phone

If I haven’t said it lately, thank you! Thanks be to God for this community and for the opportunity to love one another through this wilderness time. If you’re struggling and need some love, support and care call me: 505-255-8001. God’s given us the gift of each other so you don’t have to go it alone!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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