Book Club is reading…

Becky Lee

Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West by Hampton Sides

This non-fiction book has much of its action centered in New Mexico and is an easy, but compelling read. From Amazon: In the summer of 1846, the Army of the West marched through Santa Fe, en route to invade and occupy the Western territories claimed by Mexico. Fueled by the new ideology of “Manifest Destiny,” this land grab would lead to a decades-long battle between the United States and the Navajos, the fiercely resistant rulers of a huge swath of mountainous desert wilderness.

At the center of this sweeping tale is Kit Carson, the trapper, scout, and soldier whose adventures made him a legend. Sides shows us how this illiterate mountain man understood and respected the Western tribes better than any other American, yet willingly followed orders that would ultimately devastate the Navajo nation. Rich in detail and spanning more than three decades, this is an essential addition to our understanding of how the West was really won.

Next meeting: Friday 3/3/23 @ 6pm Location TBD We will start with a potluck dinner followed by an informal discussion of the book. If you would consider hosting the meeting in your home, please contact me (

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Please join us! Everyone is welcome!

Congregational Meeting – January 22

Mark Eickhoff, President

On behalf of St. Tim’s Council

Greetings in Christ. This letter is to inform you of a Congregational Meeting called by the St. Tim’s Council to be held on January 22, 2023, immediately following the service, about 10:30 AM, in the sanctuary. This meeting is called regarding several items of business that we take care of every year at this time. Foremost on the agenda is presentation, discussion, and vote regarding the 2023 budget. New officers of the congregation (either elected or appointed by council) will be presented. And the 2023 Nominating Committee—who recruit and develop a slate of consenting members for next year’s council—will be voted in. In addition to these “usual” business items, I will also present whatever news I have regarding this time of transition.

This will be an in-person meeting. However, for those of you who wish to attend virtually, a laptop computer will be set up in the sanctuary and a Zoom meeting invite link sent out to the congregation beforehand. COVID-19 is still with us, so if you plan to attend in person, please remember that masks are still strongly encouraged indoors at St. Tim’s and to maintain social distance as much as possible.

I heartily encourage all of you to attend and be part of the conversation. May the Holy Spirit bless us and guide us in this.

Get Involved

Do you need a New Year’s resolution? Consider a resolution to volunteer for something new! Or perhaps return to something that you used to do at St. Tim’s, but went on hiatus from during the pandemic. Following is a list of opportunities to serve both during the worship and during the week. If you have questions and/or are willing to participate in any one (or more!) of these ministries. Just contact the person listed, or Joshua in the church office. All volunteers are welcome, training will be provided, and scheduling is flexible!

Volunteer opportunities during worship:

Altar Guild – prepare the altar, setup and cleanup after communion. Michele Benton

Lector – read the Bible passages and prayers during the worship. Becky Lee

Communion assistant – serve bread/wine during communion distribution. Becky Lee

Usher – distribute bulletins prior to worship; usher during communion. Rob Evers

Greeter – say hello to members and visitors as they enter for the worship. Rob Evers

Teller – count and record offerings after the worship. Rob Evers

Live-stream operator – run the computer and camera during the worship. Ryan Good

Communion bread baker – quick bread recipe provided. Becky Lee

Pew angel – tidy pews, restock Welcome cards and envelopes after the worship. Becky Lee

Slideshow – create and run the PowerPoint slideshow during the worship. Becky Lee

Coffee Fellowship – setup and cleanup snacks, coffee and lemonade for after-worship fellowship. Judy Jacobson

Volunteer opportunities during the week:

Snack bag assembly – prepare snack bags for our neighbors in need. Rob Evers

Snack bag distribution – at the church, Monday – Thursday, 11 am – 12 noon. Help is needed especially Monday and Wednesday when Joshua is not in the office.

Prayer leader – write the Prayers of the People for the worship. Beth Neer

Prayer Chain – pray for people who have requested prayers through the church office, pastor, church members. Prayer requests are sent via email to members of the prayer chain. Beth Neer


Michele Benton ; 505-239-5237

Becky Lee – ; 505-288-1500

Beth Neer –

Rob Evers – ; 505-321-1222

Ryan Good – 480-522-5693

Judy Jacobson – ; 505-250-2060

Joshua Hochstetler – ; 505-255-8001

Join us for Worship!

All are welcome to join us for worship on Sundays. St. Tim’s is located at 211 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. Please join us at 9:30 a.m., worship is held in the sanctuary and livestreamed on YouTube. Coffee fellowship in the
Community Room immediately following worship. Adult Education and Godly Play Sunday School will begin at 11:00 a.m.

Worship Schedule

January 8

Readings: Psalm 2:7-8, Matthew 3:1-17

Adult Ed: Cancelled for Confirmation celebration

Godly Play: Holy Baptism

January 15

Readings: Psalm 91:9-12, Matthew 4:1-17

Adult Ed: John 14 part 2 (Ed leads)

Godly Play: Parable of the Good Shepherd

January 22

Readings: Psalm 1:1-3, Matthew 5:1-20

Adult Ed: Cancelled for Congregational Meeting

Godly Play: Parable of the Good Samaritan

January 29

Readings: Psalm 20:7, Matthew 6:7-21, 25-34

Adult Ed: John 15 (Mary Beth leads)

Godly Play: Parable of the Great Pearl

February 5

Readings: Psalm 37:16-18, Matthew 7:1-14, 24-29

Adult Ed: TBD

Godly Play: Parable of the Sower

There are two small ways you can make a difference in our environmental stewardship:

  • Digital CrossLightNewsletters
    • If you’re not already, sign up for the digital version of the CrossLight. You can email to be added to the list.
  • Digital Weekly Worship Bulletins
    • One area where we use the most paper at is our weekly bulletins. Did you know that we now have convenient digital bulletins?
    • Next to the sanctuary, there is a framed QR code. Use the camera app on any smartphone or tablet and point it at the QR code and you’re all set!

Thanks for helping us reduce our environmental impact!

Please visit our What to Expect page for more information.

Volunteers Worship Assistants needed! 2 Communion Assistants per worship, 1 Lector per worship, 1 Communion Bread Maker, and 1 Youtube Livestream Coordinator (training available). Sign up here or call the office at 505-255-8001.

God’s work. Our Hands.

This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor.

St. Tim’s will be participating at the following sites:

Addresses will be provided prior to the work day. Check out the details of each project below.

Habitat for Humanity

Depending on availability we will be working on a new home construction project in the San Jose Neighborhood. It will be the first series of homes that will be constructed from Insulated Concrete forms. If this site is not clear for construction we will be working on the Neighborhood Revitalization project.

No tools are needed for this site. Please wear closed toe shoes, jeans, and a hat. Long pants are recommended. Must be 18 or older to participate.

You must sign up and register. For now, sign up for the repair program.https://


Participants will be participating at the shelter or the warehouse. If you have yard tools you may want to bring them. We suggest that you bring water, snacks, a hat, closed toe shoes, and gloves.

Luther House

Participants will be cleaning, painting, and doing yard work. Bring yard tools and hand tools if you have them. We suggest that you wear a hat, closed toe shoes, and gloves.

Remember, don’t wear your Sunday best to these sites as you will be getting a wee bit dirty!

Questions? Email:

Lutheran Campus Ministries

During the month of July we’ll be receiving contributions for Lutheran Campus Ministries (LCM)!

We will also be welcoming lay pastor Rhonda Newby-Torres and students from UNM/CNM on Sunday, 7/24.

LCM describes their ministry this way:

a progressive Christian ministry

centered in God’s grace

& rooted in the Lutheran tradition

a reconciling home for worship

committed to creating a place where

all are truly welcome

a growing community of faith on campus

learning to live as followers of Christ

with strong ecumenical & interfaith ties

Three-week Intentional Prayer – starting Aug. 1

Pastor Rachael Powell

It may feel very far away right now, but August 1st will be here before we know it!

I would like to invite you to be a part of a three-week period of intentional prayer and reclaiming the sacred in everyday life beginning on Monday evening, August 1st/ Tuesday morning, August 2nd.

A friend introduced me to a wonderful book, “Every Moment Holy: Volume 1.” It is a collection of prayers and illustrations that invites us to become aware of the Spirit’s work in our midst at every moment. For example, it includes prayers “For the Ritual of Morning Coffee” and “Before Consuming Media.” It includes liturgies “For Those Feeling the Impulse to Buy” and “For the Death of a Dream.” One prayer even invites God’s work to be done in us as we do laundry!

I hope this time steeped in prayer and a renewed awareness of God’s presence at all times and in all places may offer each of us a sense of renewal and wonder!

I am happy to place an order for the books for those who would like. Right now, they are listed at $16 for the pocket edition, which I have. If you’re unsure of the size of the type, etc. please feel free to take a look at my copy. Otherwise, the hardcover copy is listed for $23.50.

If this sounds even the slightest bit interesting, please come! And please invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to join us! The Spirit is with us every moment! What if we all became more aware of her presence? How might we be changed?

July Bible Study – Parables about Jesus

Pastor Neal Mather

Mark 13.34 “Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing.”

And yet, the Gospel of Mark has the least amount of Jesus’ parables of the synoptic Gospels! Only six!

However, if we investigate Mark and the other Gospels, we find that the authors tell parables about Jesus. That is, stories about Jesus are told in parabolic style repeatedly, so that, like Jesus, the Gospel writers also told parables.

Join us in a two week survey of parables about Jesus! The first week we will review some of these, and then I will send you on a scavenger hunt for others which we will discuss in the second session!

Bring your Bibles, fill up on the Spirit, and let’s have some fun!

Session 1: Monday, 7/11 5:30PM (Zoom) or Tuesday, 7/12 10:00AM (in-person)

Session 2: Monday, 7/18 5:30PM (Zoom) or Tuesday, 7/19 10:00AM (in-person)

Zoom information for Mondays at 5:30


Dial in: +1 720 707 2699 or +1 253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 862 3594 9798
Passcode: 574345

June 19th Congregational Meeting

Details: Please join us for a Congregational Meeting on June 19th immediately following the second service (around 11AM). Please find the details below. The meeting will be in-person with a Zoom link for those who would prefer to join remotely (invite to come).

Mark Eickhoff, President

On behalf of St. Tim’s Council

To St. Tim’s Congregation:

Greetings in Christ. This letter is to inform you of a Special Congregational Meeting called by the St. Tim’s Council to be held on June 19, 2022 immediately following the indoor service, about 11:00 AM, in the sanctuary. This meeting is called regarding the hiring of a ¼ time pastor who would concentrate in the following areas of ministry: outdoor worship development, Sunday School, Bible study, and preaching once/month. This pastor would be hired on contract, not by call, and the hiring would be for a three-year term. St. Tim’s council has identified an appropriate source of funding for this hiring, drawn mainly from our accumulated savings. The motion to hire a ¼ time pastor is the only agenda item for this meeting.

For those of you who wish to attend virtually, a laptop computer will be set up in the sanctuary and a Zoom meeting invite link sent out to the congregation beforehand. COVID-19 is still with us, so if you plan to attend in person, please remember that masks are still strongly encouraged indoors at St. Tim’s and to maintain social distance as much as possible.

The hiring of another pastor, even part time, is certainly a big step in St. Tim’s spiritual life together. A letter dated May 2, 2022 from the Personnel Team to the congregation explains the reasons behind this hiring. Summarized briefly, Pastor Rachael has chosen to share her gifts of preaching and teaching by accepting an (online) adjunct faculty position at Luther Seminary. To give Pastor Rachael sufficient time for those professional duties, a team approach to the full ministry at St. Tim’s with a new ¼ time pastor is needed. Given that a pastor with experience in several areas beneficial to St. Tim’s has relocated to Albuquerque, it seems as if the Holy Spirit is presenting us with a wonderful opportunity.

I encourage all of you to attend and be part of this conversation. May the Holy Spirit guide us in this.