What to expect

All are welcome at St. Tim’s! We were all new once and we remember what it can be like. Here are some items about what you can expect while visiting.

St. Tim’s is located at 211 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. At 9:30 a.m., worship is held in the sanctuary and livestreamed on YouTube.

About Us
St. Tim’s comes together to encounter God and remember God’s promises for us and for the world. We are here to support one another, ask questions about God and faith, and hear over and over again that we are loved beyond all imagination in Christ. Come and tell your story. Come and ask your questions. Come and walk with us in the grace of God…

Sunday Mornings
Pre-Covid, about 100-120 people attend St. Tim’s each Sunday, and we have a congregation making sure all visitors are welcomed. We love having children in worship and have a special play area for young children under 4.

Our congregation spans a range of ages and backgrounds. You’ll see people in the pews dressed in all styles—from jeans to business suits.

Each worship lasts for one hour. Children are welcome to attend worship.

All are welcome to the Lord’s table at St. Tim’s. You may request grape juice during Communion rather than wine and gluten free wafers are available as well. You are invited to come forward for a blessing even if you don’t commune.

Help on Sundays
If you have questions about worship or Sunday classes, ask the Pastor, greeters, or any individual wearing a name-tag.

There are two parking lots available: on Jefferson on the north side of St. Tim’s and on the southern corner of Jefferson and Copper. Near each entrance there will be a greeter who can point the way to the sanctuary and will give you the bulletin for worship.


Toward the south entrance of the building by the fellowship hall, there are two sets of multi-user restrooms with individual stalls. Toward the north side of the building, close to the adult education room, there is a single-user restroom with a changing table.

Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids are available as you walk into the lobby of St. Tim’s. Please ask a greeter for assistance if needed.