St. Tim’s Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministry News:

January 2021 Update

St. Timothy’s Women’s Ministries donated nearly $3000 to provide $50 Smith’s gift certificates along with five pound bags of apples and oranges to 30 Umoja Abq families – Ten from Afghanistan and twenty from African nations.  We were also able to provide hand-knit scarves and hats, gloves, jackets, and shoes from a generous clothing donation.  Five of our women did not find shoes that fit, so with the remaining money, we purchased tennis shoes and socks in the correct sizes delivered after Christmas.  Thank you, St. Timothy’s Family, for your generosity!

Womens Ministries ELCA

Please take a minute to review the Women and Social Justice Statement draft. 


St. Timothy’s held two discussions about the draft statement. Men and women attended the first discussion in mid-August.  A livelier discussion in mid-September was attended by women only.

On 9/20/18, the Women’s Group met to review comments from the two sessions and determine what feedback we would provide to the Women & Justice Task Force. Below are the results of this third and final meeting.