“Kneel? I don’t kneel for anyone.”

man-praying-in-pewThis Sunday will be the first time I experience a “Healing Worship” with the people of St. Tim’s. I’m excited to gather in the healing presence of Christ with everyone the Spirit sends, especially as we are invited to kneel before God.

Not many Lutheran congregations, including ours, kneel as a regular part of Sunday morning worship. But one man’s story (not a member of St. Tim’s) opened my eyes to how powerful it can be. The man had been away from the church for a number of years and through his wife’s invitation he felt God’s call to go back. On his first Sunday back he was encouraged, with the whole congregation, to kneel in preparation for worship. He has a very vivid recollection that as he began to kneel, these words ran through his head, “Alright God, here I am kneeling before you. And I don’t kneel for anyone.”

The act of kneeling displays a complete surrender to another’s power. Kneeling before God removes all illusions that we have the power to fix everything, to be in control and to determine our own fate. Thanks be to God that the call to kneel at the feet of Christ is a call to surrender ourselves to complete, perfect love. God in Christ has given us this unconditional gift and has called us in the waters of Baptism so that we may know we kneel as God’s beloved children. I’ll get in line to kneel for that.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael