Take a Hike

The Sandias are our backyard. We see them every day. Why not see them up close? You are invited to join us on a monthly hike. Conditioning: The mountain seems to get take_a_hike-cdryanbigger the closer you get. Rock formations that seem so near are often hours away after a long, hard climb. A good way to get into shape is to walk three miles a day at a good pace — three mph. If you haven’t been hiking, but can do that, you will get into condition as you hike.

What to bring/wear (I carry a stash of first aid, toilet, and other necessities):At least two liters of water, a snack or lunch depending on our timing, sunscreen & sunglasses, hat/head cover, quality hiking shoes, layered, wicking clothing, trekking poles, if you are so inclined; and your spirit of adventure and amazement!!

Our next hike is TBA. Time and location will depend on weather and spring melt.
If you would like to go, contact: Neal Mather, sneal1968@me.com, or Greg Parkhurst, gregrunningbird@comcast.net