Umoja ABQ

Debby Morrell – Board President of Umoja ABQ

Umoja ABQ’s Educational Program began on January 7 with a Basic Literacy – ESL class attended by 20 students speaking 6 different languages. Students were assisted by small group teachers, so everyone had a chance to speak, listen, read, and write! Debbie Golden led an enthusiastic and energized group!

Ten students speaking four different languages began Drivers Manual class. These students are working toward passing the written test so they may obtain their learner’s permit. Interpreters and teachers answered interesting questions and introduced the expenses and responsibilities involved in owning a car and driving. Students in this group who are younger than 25 will also complete the None for the Road program, in which they learn the effects of alcohol upon driving before obtaining their learners permit. All Drivers Manual students must find a friend who is a proficient driver and willing to help them learn to drive. When the students have obtained their learner’s permit AND found someone to help them practice, Umoja ABQ offers assistance to defray the cost of driving lessons.

Volunteers from St Timothy Lutheran Church were on hand to provide name tags, take attendance, serve snacks at break time, and restore classrooms for the next group. Many thanks to Vickie Towne, Grace Bousek, Marty Alston, Joyce Hagenow, Joanne Smith, Elaine Morgan, and Michele Benton, as well as to Chantal Muhumure and Josias Gasita, Dixie Colvin, Laura Erickson, Ehlam Yosufzai, Tasawer Yosufzai, Fatema Abobaker, Valentine Uwingabire, and Louise Kavugho for supporting our students!

Funding for Umoja ABQ is provided through DEI United, a collaboration between United Way of Central New Mexico and Albuquerque Community Foundation supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well from St Paul Lutheran Church, The Power of 100 Women, St Timothy Lutheran Church, and individual donors just like you! Join us any Saturday morning in January and February to see the group in action!