July Bible Study – Parables about Jesus

Pastor Neal Mather

Mark 13.34 “Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing.”

And yet, the Gospel of Mark has the least amount of Jesus’ parables of the synoptic Gospels! Only six!

However, if we investigate Mark and the other Gospels, we find that the authors tell parables about Jesus. That is, stories about Jesus are told in parabolic style repeatedly, so that, like Jesus, the Gospel writers also told parables.

Join us in a two week survey of parables about Jesus! The first week we will review some of these, and then I will send you on a scavenger hunt for others which we will discuss in the second session!

Bring your Bibles, fill up on the Spirit, and let’s have some fun!

Session 1: Monday, 7/11 5:30PM (Zoom) or Tuesday, 7/12 10:00AM (in-person)

Session 2: Monday, 7/18 5:30PM (Zoom) or Tuesday, 7/19 10:00AM (in-person)

Zoom information for Mondays at 5:30

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