June 19th Congregational Meeting

Details: Please join us for a Congregational Meeting on June 19th immediately following the second service (around 11AM). Please find the details below. The meeting will be in-person with a Zoom link for those who would prefer to join remotely (invite to come).

Mark Eickhoff, President

On behalf of St. Tim’s Council

To St. Tim’s Congregation:

Greetings in Christ. This letter is to inform you of a Special Congregational Meeting called by the St. Tim’s Council to be held on June 19, 2022 immediately following the indoor service, about 11:00 AM, in the sanctuary. This meeting is called regarding the hiring of a ¼ time pastor who would concentrate in the following areas of ministry: outdoor worship development, Sunday School, Bible study, and preaching once/month. This pastor would be hired on contract, not by call, and the hiring would be for a three-year term. St. Tim’s council has identified an appropriate source of funding for this hiring, drawn mainly from our accumulated savings. The motion to hire a ¼ time pastor is the only agenda item for this meeting.

For those of you who wish to attend virtually, a laptop computer will be set up in the sanctuary and a Zoom meeting invite link sent out to the congregation beforehand. COVID-19 is still with us, so if you plan to attend in person, please remember that masks are still strongly encouraged indoors at St. Tim’s and to maintain social distance as much as possible.

The hiring of another pastor, even part time, is certainly a big step in St. Tim’s spiritual life together. A letter dated May 2, 2022 from the Personnel Team to the congregation explains the reasons behind this hiring. Summarized briefly, Pastor Rachael has chosen to share her gifts of preaching and teaching by accepting an (online) adjunct faculty position at Luther Seminary. To give Pastor Rachael sufficient time for those professional duties, a team approach to the full ministry at St. Tim’s with a new ¼ time pastor is needed. Given that a pastor with experience in several areas beneficial to St. Tim’s has relocated to Albuquerque, it seems as if the Holy Spirit is presenting us with a wonderful opportunity.

I encourage all of you to attend and be part of this conversation. May the Holy Spirit guide us in this.