All at once.

Jeremiah had a whole lot going on. He experienced the depths of despair as God’s prophet. He communicated and lived radical hope. The hope he demonstrated was the kind we’ve all been given – a hope in God’s promise to create life no matter how bleak the circumstances. He felt incredibly isolated and yet enjoyed profoundly loyal friendships. The prophet Jeremiah lived it all.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be walking through the book of Jeremiah. I can’t imagine a timelier read.

Not long ago, I celebrated my return to engaging in public life by taking in the beautiful Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum. It was a glorious 90 minutes spent surrounded by beauty. It was also the most time I’d spent inside with people I didn’t know for over a year. I had that luxury. I left invigorated by the art and with a splitting tension headache. I didn’t even know I was nervous. But there it was, all at once.

All at once we may feel overwhelmed with gratitude to hug a loved one for the first time in over a year, travel out of the county, sit at a coffee shop, or tearfully celebrate a friend getting vaccinated and be overcome by grief at the death of a loved one, by fear at entering a grocery store where others are without masks, or by regret over what celebrations have been lost.

As you find yourself in these “all at once” moments, remember Jeremiah. He was often overcome by sadness, and he clung to the promise of life in God. He ended his life in exile and invested in the future of life in the Promised Land.

God’s got us. We’ve got each other. All at once.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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