Isn’t this your project?

My Dad loved to “work on wood.” He’d find trees everywhere that needed to be cut for firewood. A saw just like the one he used, and still uses, is in the local historical society museum. He’d cut wood for hours and loved every minute. And he was just giddy when we would join him. When my sister and I were little, he’d set the wood on the sawhorse and ask us to sit on it and stabilize it for him. We all loved it.

However, as I got older, sitting on a log didn’t strike me as the best way to spend my Saturday afternoon. I remember quite clearly one such afternoon when I was in seventh grade. Dad came into the family room and said, “Hey, Rach! Do you want to work on some wood with me?” I’ll never forget my response, “Isn’t that your project, Dad?” I remember it because I never said things like that to my parents. I waited for the “consequence” but it never came. To my very adolescent “your project” response, Dad just said, “Yep, I guess it is.”

In Galatians 3, God speaks through the Apostle Paul to tell us what God loves: Loving us. It’s God’s project. God doesn’t need us to do it. God will do it gladly, joyfully, giddily, all on God’s own. But in this passage, God asks us to be a part of it. God will love the world. God will love all people and all of creation. And, God just loves to do that loving with us.

I wish I could go back and get my adolescent self off of the couch and help my Dad. Now, my Father in heaven’s asking for my help. Anyone want to join me?

See you Sunday,

Pr. Rachael

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