The Spirit’s gig.

The desire for control is always something I’ve fought. Now, it’s even worse. I used to joke that although there was so much beyond my control, at least I could choose the type of toothpaste I used. I can’t even do that anymore. Sure, I can go to the store with the intent to buy it, but that doesn’t mean it will be on the shelf. Last week I went looking for ground turkey. No dice. I asked the grocer about it and she said, “These days, I just don’t know what will be on the truck from week to week.” So much for the taco plan.

As we head into the book of Acts, we encounter a group of Jesus-followers struggling with the same thing. No, they’re not overly concerned with their toothpaste, but they are discovering that this “church” thing is not a comfy place for control freaks. They want to control who gets into the community and who’s out. They want to set the agenda. They want to implement a mission plan. God says “Nope.” to all of it. It’s God’s Holy Spirit who gathered these control-grasping sinners and saints together in the first place, and it’s God’s Holy Spirit who will somehow work through them to share God’s love with and for all people. That’s the Spirit who fills us and the Spirit we need now.

When will we be able to sing together again? When will Zoom Bible study be a thing of the past? When will the plexiglass barriers be unnecessary? No control. And, no matter the circumstances, this is the Spirit’s gig. And God will work through the church, and through each of us, to keep on sharing God’s love and light! Amen?!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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