Man, Do We Need Easter!

There I was, face down in the parking lot. Hole in the knee of my pants and the elbow of my shirt, the Albuquerque spring winds blowing my sermon sketches all over the parking lot. Falling as a grown-up is traumatic. It’s also humbling. But this fall, on the Tuesday of Holy Week, brought home just how hard this year has been for so many of us.

I was running to my car because I was going to be late getting home. My wonderful husband needed to get to work and was waiting for me to do the parenting hand-off. I hadn’t been able to connect with as many people as I had hoped that day. We’ve lost so many beloved siblings in Christ this year, and I couldn’t even support their loved ones with a phone call. Never enough time, so much sadness, worn out – I bit the dust.

But as I sat up to assess the damage, a gigantic pick-up truck pulled up beside me. The driver exuded kindness. With one look, she said, “I know you’re hurt and embarrassed, but I’m here.” She asked if I was alright and offered to help me gather my things. She waited for me to hobble to my car and, only after I pulled out, went on her way. That act of kindness and love was an absolute God-send.

This Holy Week, we continue to struggle. We all have fallen, in one way or another this year. We’re all dealing with our own sadness and weariness. AND Easter is coming! On Easter we celebrate the God who is with us as we’re face-down on the pavement, and the one whose love lifts us up. Even more, Christ’s resurrection has revealed what the forces of destruction and death cannot do. They will not prevail! Love has triumphed, it’s unstoppable, and will always pick us up and give us a new beginning.

May God’s unending, perfect love be yours this Easter and always!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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