In it together.

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The disciples give me a great deal of comfort. Like me, they are never able to keep up with Jesus and his Way in the world. Walking in Jesus’s dust, I imagine questions like these are whispered among them: What did Jesus mean when he said that? Were we supposed to do something different back there? Does anyone have any idea where we’re going?

In our Ash Wednesday reading from Luke 9, the disciples were at it again. A Samaritan village refused to welcome Jesus, and disciples James and John begged Jesus to let them light the village on fire. Um, really? Light it on fire? I get the desire for revenge, but c’mon guys, even I knew Jesus would put the kibosh on that. Still, Jesus keeps them around. He never kicks them to the curb. He loves them. He refuses to do his work without them. Jesus needs his community. And right now, we need each other.

It’s the season of Lent – a season of hope and new life, but also a season of acknowledging the ways in which we are not living God’s love for the sake of the world. We cannot do this alone under “normal” circumstances. We absolutely cannot do it alone this year.

As you do the Lenten work of self-reflection, DO NOT GO IT ALONE! Seek out now, today, at least two other people who will walk with you in it – who will support you and remind you that you are loved even and especially as you reflect on all of the ways you stand in need of God’s forgiveness. And never forget: God’s forgiveness is given to us before we even know to ask. We are in this together! Amen?!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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