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I wonder, how many people are seeking out the news right now? Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Fox, PBS – after the violence at the Capitol, the Inauguration, and the ‘winter surge’ of COVID, how many clicks are these news sites getting every minute? I’ve certainly looked at the news, more than a few times daily. Fresh off my latest news dive, Luke chapter 5 brought me up short.

The story we have for this Sunday is the calling of the first disciples. Luke 5 gives us the story of Jesus telling Simon to get back out on the water after Simon’s night of commercial fishing has failed. This story has innumerable points of entry for followers of Christ Jesus. Most often, we focus on the fishermen’s willingness to leave everything and follow Jesus. But I’m stuck at the first verse:

Once while Jesuswas standing beside the lake of Gennesaret, and the crowd was pressing in on him to hear the word of God… (Luke 5:1)

The crowd that showed up to hear Jesus teach and preach wasn’t just there on their lunch break. They had come from all over. They walked and wondered. What would Jesus say and do? The crowd had heard about the miraculous things Jesus was doing but also about the power of his words. They needed inspiration, hope, and purpose, and what they heard was an outpouring of God’s love, mercy and healing. They were fiercely engaged and they began to press forward.

I’ve been awfully eager to press any number of news links. You? If we press in on Jesus to hear God’s word with as much frequency and curiosity, I wonder to what necessary inspiration, hope, and purpose Jesus might lead us?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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