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If there was ever a Thanksgiving I’d be tempted to quote Bart Simpson, this is the year. Bart’s asked to offer the table prayer one evening and says, “Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves. So, thanks for nothing.” It isn’t the “paying for stuff ourselves” that resonates right now, it’s the temptation to settle on what I think God hasn’t done: Because you haven’t stopped the virus I couldn’t be with my family for Thanksgiving, God. Thanks for nothing. My friend just lost her job and can’t afford Christmas present for her kids, God. Thanks for nothing. All sorts of families are mourning great loss this holiday season, God. Thanks for nothing. It may sound blasphemous, but I’m not the only one who’s thought these things, am I?

If you’re there, too, Thanksgiving is coming at just the right moment.

I was particularly down when a dear friend offered it may help me this Thanksgiving to think of 10 things for which I’m grateful. I was beyond irritated. Wallowing in sadness sounded like a much better idea. But, of course, she was right. By the fifth declaration of gratitude I was hooked. Thank you for my family, Lord. For my health, the health of my family and friends, a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, the generosity of St. Tim’s folks, vaccines in the works, soap to wash our hands, whiffle ball at the park, movies to stream and TAKEOUT! Thank you, God, for absolutely everything!

I dare you to give it a try! This holiday season won’t be like others and our sadness will be in it. AND, God is with us. God is working. God is providing. God’s love is without end and everywhere! Amen?!

See you Sunday…

In Christ,

Pr. Rachael

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