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Frazzled. Indecisive. Second-guessing. These are not words I often use to describe myself. But, here I am. Do I order groceries online or go in to the store to make sure I get what I need? My parents are pretty isolated in the Midwest. Do we risk a trip up there to make sure they’re alright? Is it wise to continue outdoor worship at St. Tim’s even in socially-distanced, mask-wearing small groups when thousands of people are testing positive for COVID? Depending upon who I ask, I get very different, strong opinions. Having to make these difficult decisions for months while following the election fallout, I admit, my nerves are a little frayed.

Do you feel that? Perhaps you’re experiencing more peace-filled clarity in your daily walk. If so, thanks be to God! If not, our Bible reading this week offers grace upon grace.

This Sunday we hear Isaiah 6:1-8 and Isaiah’s vision of God. In it, God invites Isaiah to serve as God’s prophet. It’s an unsettling time for God’s people. Their king, Uzziah, who reigned for five decades has just died. With the succession of kings, there is always an opportunity for violence and chaos. No one knows what will happen next. But as Isaiah stands before this vision of God, one thing is very clear: The world around Isaiah may be in confusion, but God is seated on the throne. God’s reign is secure. And God’s not going anywhere.

No matter how frazzled you feel, and how often you second-guess yourself, God’s presence is unwavering. God’s love for you and this whole creation is unshakable. God’s holding you in God’s hand and that hand is steady. What if we let go and rested in God’s loving presence this week?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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