All Aboard!

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If it were completely safe to fly, cruise, or take the train right now, where would you go? To see family or friends? Halfway around the world for a glorious change of scenery? So many of us have uttered the words, “We had planned to go…” followed by a tale of cancellation and disappointment. For the people of St. Tim’s Portugal, Italy, Israel, Australia and that Alaskan cruise are now on hold indefinitely. Fortunately, we can live vicariously through Job.

You’ve earned it, people of God! You’ve been through 38 chapters of the book of Job with all of Job’s suffering, his fickle friends, and his angry, accusatory wife. It’s time to take a deep breath and dive into the beauty of all that remains.

As God shows up in Job 38, mercifully responding to Job’s demands, we discover God has a plan for Job. To draw Job out of his anger and intense focus on what he has endured, God takes Job on a guided tour of God’s beloved, expansive Creation. God introduces Job to storehouses of snow, a lion on the prowl, calving deer, eagles, horses and the wild ox. Job glimpses mountain ranges, steppes and the flapping wings of an ostrich. God is quite the tour guide! But instead of a tip, God’s desire from this whirlwind adventure with Job is a renewed relationship. God wills that Job would re-enter his life with hope, with purpose and with a clear understanding of his beloved creatureliness in God’s wild world.

As you feel the sadness descend from your latest cancellation, grab the book of Job. Read chapters 38-41 with gusto! Imagine YOU are on that whirlwind trip with God. Might God be calling you to renewed relationship as well?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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