Moth Wisdom.

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They are everywhere. On the window screens. In the light fixtures. I knelt down to smell a beautiful yellow flower and one was hiding in the petals. It tried to enter my nose.

I reached my limit a couple of nights ago. I got up to use the restroom and a flock of moths were clustered over the nightlight. To my half-awake brain, that moth bundle sure looked like something sinister out of Knockturn Alley (Confused? Call a Harry Potter-fan friend!). I was determined to get them out of my house.

The next day, I studied which windows were welcoming moth gatherings and declared those windows off-limits. I bullied my family into sprinting through the open garage door and used my flip-flop to swat out moth stragglers. In a final twist of moth-inspired insanity, I considered taking an axe to every plant in our yard, determined to keep the moths from raising a family on “my” property. We’re all a little stressed these days, right?

But then, mercifully, 1 Corinthians hit me. Moths weren’t the Corinthians’ problem, but they were definitely trying to get rid of something. They wanted to seal up the cracks of their house of worship and not let anyone in who wasn’t “doing it right.” Only the enlightened few who really knew how to follow Jesus were allowed in. Of course, determining who the enlightened few were, and who had the power to decide, was causing all sorts of damage.

As it turns out, the moths don’t bite. They aren’t plotting my demise. They just want to find some shelter and live.

Maybe if I figure out how to live alongside the moths, God’s creatures, I can love my human neighbor a little better.

Care to join me?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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