Wish You Were Here.

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I’m amazed, every week, how the Spirit serves up the perfect reading for our community of faith. As we gather each Sunday around the Word of God we hear from beautiful, confrontational, healing, provocative, grace-filled children of God whose witness today is just as powerful as it was millennia ago. I pray each week that God would give me the words God would have me say to inspire all of us with God’s love and grace. God always shows up. A sermon happens. The Spirit works with it. Thanks be to God!

This week, as we encounter the first breaths of the Christian church at Corinth in Acts 18 and 1 Corinthians, I have no doubt that God will show up and give us the grace we need for the journey. But, if I’m honest, my first response to the readings this week was, well… Envy. Yep, one of those deadly sins. It may sound odd, if you know about the church at Corinth. The Corinthians were infamous for having all sorts of “issues.” But here’s the thing: they got to work through their stuff together. They could be side-by-side, across the table, sitting next to one another, crammed in the living room, standing toe-to-toe, smelling each other’s coffee breath. Right now, that smell would be heavenly.

The long and short of it is, wonderful people of God, I MISS YOU! When you get together you are a force for good! I know you’re bringing it wherever you’re stuck right now, but I miss seeing it! I miss hearing about it! I miss laughing at our failures together and reassuring one another, over some Costco cake, that God will get us through it!

In short: Wish You Were Here!

“See” you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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