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How would you rate your physical activity level right now? It can go either way: the gym’s closed and the weather is beautiful; the refrigerator is easily accessible at all times and the mountains are just a few steps away; elastic waist bands are all the rage and sweatpants at least hint at exercise. If you need a little movement in your life, look no further than the book of Acts.

This week, we are given the story of the first healing afterJesus’ ascension. Jesus is no longer walking alongside the disciples, but God’s work for resurrected life is just getting started.  God promised the Holy Spirit would ignite the disciples to continue Jesus’ work and – here we go! Acts 3:1-10 narrates the healing of a man unable to use his legs.  Peter and John, oblivious to what is about to happen, are strolling up to the Temple for prayer.  The miraculous healing unfolds in much the same way healings do in Jesus’ life and ministry with one beautiful exception: the healed man LEAPS for joy! Not only that, he leaps while he’s praising God (3:8)! Can you imagine it? When was the last time you saw someone leaping around, praising God at worship?

So, here it is, your cardio faith challenge: Spend a few minutes, each day this week, leaping around your house, apartment, patio, yard, open space or hiking trail, and praise God for all God has done in your life. If your leaping days are behind you, shouting words of praise can elevate your heart rate plenty! C’mon… you already have your sweatpants on! If your neighbors laugh, thanks be to God! Imagine the joy you’ll bring to your neighborhood, to your own heart and to God!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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