Easter without the dress.

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My sister and I were less than two years apart. Our grandmother loved to buy us matching holiday outfits for the rare occasions we would venture to church with her. Easter was the best. Matching gloves? Check. Hat with a fancy ribbon? You bet. Shiny shoes? Without a doubt. My sister and I would get dolled up and do our best to stay wrinkle-free through Easter worship.

On Monday, this Prendergast painting from my daily desk calendar brought it all back:

That’s the way I remember Easter.

These days I don’t have a single fancy glove, ribboned hat, or shiny pair of shoes. But I do love to see them arrive at worship on Easter morning. The fancy get-ups fit right in with the brass, the flowers, and the post-worship brunch.  But not this year.  It’s still Easter, but without the dress.

The reading for Easter 2020 could not be more appropriate. We hear the story of Easter morning from the king of brevity, the Gospel of Mark. In Mark 16:1-8 there’s no garden, no resurrected Jesus, not a sliver of excitement. Terror, amazement and silence round out the Easter message. We’re left in anticipation of what is to come. What will God do now?

As we travel through our most Holy Week this year, many of us will make the journey in pajamas, yoga pants and sweatshirts. And yet, Jesus still overcomes the grave. Jesus triumphs over betrayal, violence and yes, even fear-filled silence. We stand before the empty tomb in anticipation of what the Spirit will do next.  And trust me, the Spirit doesn’t care if you’re wearing your Easter dress or your Easter fluffy slippers.  God’s will be done this week and always!  Amen?

See you Thursday, Friday and Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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