Shhhhh. Or not.

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Know anyone who just can’t whisper? I never considered it might be a challenge for anyone until my son was born. He never slept. Never. Eight months into his life, I thought I might lose it from lack of sleep. So, when he finally started putting some hours of shut-eye together, I moved heaven and earth to keep the house quiet.

At the time, we had the tremendous blessing of living near family. On one memorable occasion, my parents planned a visit to see us (the baby) but were running late. Of course, they arrived shortly after naptime began. I saw them pull into the driveway and sprang into action, terrified that the doorbell would wake him. My wonderful parents arrived carrying flowers and food, two of my favorite things, and with the stealth of a secret agent I opened the door. In the faintest whisper, I explained the situation. They both nodded and smiled. 

But not a second later my dad let out an, “It’s great to see you,” at volume 11! I pleaded with him to whisper and he said, at 3,000 decibels, “I am!” I was baffled. He thought he was whispering but his voice sounded like it did in a packed restaurant. My mother laughed hysterically, silently, that my dad had never been able to whisper. He just couldn’t do it.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think my dad was in the Gospel of Mark. Over and over again, Jesus asks that his identity be kept a secret. Over and over again, nobody can seem to whisper. The message and miracle of Jesus, the Holy one of God, echoes throughout the Gospel.

Thanks be to God, the whisper-challenged couldn’t keep quiet about Jesus. What about you?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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