Post Office Jesus.

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It’s a chaotic spot this time of year, the post office.  This week, I had no choice but to brave it.  I got pumped up with a dose of Nat King Cole Christmas music and a travel mug of coffee.  As expected, the line extended past the maze of plastic barriers.  It was go time.

As I secured my place in line, I was optimistic as I saw three people behind the counter.  Within five minutes, however, one was called away to help sort boxes and another took her break.  I tried to keep a positive attitude.

But the minutes ticked by and the line felt like it was moving backward.  20 minutes. 30.  My travel mug was empty.  Nat’s pipes were a memory.  I could feel myself starting to lose it. 

Then it happened.  Two young men, recently-arrived refugees from Africa, approached the counter.  They had a box that wasn’t taped shut.  Big no-no.  But the kind man behind the counter provided tape and showed them how to seal it.  The address wasn’t legible.  With some work, they figured out together the package was going to Oklahoma.  In how many days would they like the package to arrive?  The postal worker slowly gave them their options.  It took some time and effort but this package was getting where it needed to go.  And no one in line complained.

The two young men fist-bumped on their way out.  I wondered if this was their first successful trip to the post office.  I thanked God for this moment of kindness and love.

God came in the human form of Jesus.  And Jesus remains with us through the power of the Spirit in the human forms around us.  Where have you seen Jesus lately?  Amen?!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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