The spaces in between.

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I can’t stand flossing my teeth.  I do it, begrudgingly.  At my recent dental visit, I was reminded of how vital flossing is for my overall health.  Who knew gum disease might contribute to heart disease?!  As it turns out, it’s just as important to care for the spaces between my teeth as it is to care for my pearly whites.  I feel a metaphor coming on…

The meetings I schedule each day are a big deal to me.  I’ve made a commitment to set aside time to connect with individuals or groups of people, and I greatly respect that time.  I prepare, make sure I have adequate travel time, take the appropriate materials with me, etc.  But what about the spaces in between?  Truth be told, I haven’t had a fraction of the intentionality for the in-between times than I’ve had for the meetings. 

I’ve been back from sabbatical about a month now, and one Holy Spirit-learning for which I am incredibly grateful is this: The spaces in between mean everything.  Reading from a beautiful Jewish prayer book takes just a few minutes.  Sending a “checking-in” email to a friend who’s struggling can be done in no time.  A stroll through the peaceful courtyard at St. Tim’s is just a 15 seconds’ walk down the hall.  Most Chopin Nocturnes on YouTube are seven minutes long or less.  God is in the planned commitments each day AND all those spaces in between.

What about your in-between spaces?  Are you intentional with them?  Where might God want to meet you in them?  Where is God seeking you out through prayer, friends, music, movement or anything else that brings you joy?

Oh, and I guess you could floss, too.  Just sayin’.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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