What a blessed mess.

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No one would accuse me of being a neat freak.  My car is filled with old gas station receipts, a random assortment of books, and melted crayons.  My office isn’t much better.  I try to keep things relatively under control at home out of respect for my husband.  But he’d tell you, I’m infamous for my stacks of who-knows-what on the dining room table.  I could make the excuse that I’m “just too busy” to keep up with it all.  But the truth is, there are so many other things I’d rather do than get organized, I’m OK with the mess.  In fact, I thrive in messy conditions.  I wonder if that’s why I love the Psalms so much.

The Psalm-writers aren’t nervous about being messy.  They seem to honor the messiness in human life.  They name their fears, anger, desire for revenge, despair, loneliness and confusion.  They blame God.  They call God out when they feel God has not lived up to God’s promises.

This Sunday, we’ll experience one of the quintessentially messy Psalms – Psalm 69.  Bible scholars call this a Psalm of lament or a cry for deliverance.  I’d say it’s a Psalm of real life.  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, abandoned, humiliated, targeted, disappointed in God, or at the end of your rope, the child of God who wrote Psalm 69 understands you perfectly.  It’s messy.  It’s real.  It’s faithful.  This messy Psalm reminds us that God is big enough to take whatever mess we create, suffer from, or endure.  And, even more, God is with us in it.

Worship this Sunday will be a bit messy.  If you’re a blessed mess, come on in!  God will be here, too, just as God has promised. 

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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