Can you feel it?

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The giving of the Spirit at Pentecost never fails to blow my mind.  How could the same Spirit that was alive in Jesus be poured out on EVERYONE?  It’s tough to grasp.  But some days, the Spirit that “amazed and astonished” all who were present at Pentecost, saturates my life to the extent that I can actually feel it.  This Tuesday, it happened.

At 9:20 Ed arrived to pack lunches for asylum-seekers.  He realized he was early (start time was 10:30), so he headed to the store to buy apples to add to the lunches.  I might’ve waited, checking headlines on my phone.  Not Ed.  Around 10 Michele arrived, our fearless organizer.  Then Sherri, Bert and Barbara, Vivian and James, Mary Beth and Don, Sebastian, Ron.  The kitchen was at capacity.  85 lunches were assembled.  We prayed for God’s blessing.  The Spirit energy was palpable.

Around 11:00, music floated down the hall.  Beth, an LFS ESL teacher, was responsible.  She was leading newly-arrived refugees in a rousing rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”  The Spirit energy grew.

At 11:30 Clara came to gather volunteers to help address the wonderful problem of inadequate seating for the choir members from St. Paul and St. Luke who would be joining us this Sunday.  I was reaching Spirit saturation.

Around 1:00, I put up a display of the prayers for healing and gratitude that the Sunday school families had made at camp the weekend before.  I was full up.

Then I saw all the water bottles given for Pride festivities and the sign-up sheets for Family Promise, as I headed to the sacristy to get supplies for the baptism this Sunday.  I was about to EXPLODE!!!

The Spirit is alive!  Can you feel it?!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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