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It can get lonely in the church.  I’m not talking about feeling alone in the crowd on Sunday morning, although that certainly happens.  I’m talking about feeling alone as a people called to be about God’s purposes for life in the world.  With the mess we often see outside our doors it’s easy to feel as if we’re all alone in trying to fill the hungry with good things (Luke 1:53).  I admit, sometimes I feel that weight and begin asking irrational questions like, “How can we possibly serve everyone?” and “How can we provide all that our neighbors need?”  Two recent events expanded my vision in oh so necessary ways:

First, I attended our annual “synod assembly” where some 450 people from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Texas gathered to pray that God would show us how to love God and our neighbors.  While already in awe of God’s presence in that place, a friend and colleague, Pastor Joene from Christ Lutheran in Santa Fe, sat down next to me.  She said, “I heard your congregation is serving folks who are being released from the border.  We really want to help.  How can we partner with you?”  Yeah, the Holy Spirit has a knack for showing up at just the right time.  Thanks, all you amazing people at Christ Lutheran, for revealing God to me that day!

Second, this Sunday we’ll begin hearing Paul’s letter to the Romans.  Paul’s never been to Rome, but the faithfulness of God’s people, hundreds of miles away, is cause for his celebration:

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world. (1:8)

God’s will for life is EVERYWHERE!  Where have you seen God lately?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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