It’s all about Jesus!

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This week, Holy Week, is the busiest week of the year for many Christian churches around the world.  Millions of Jesus-followers will gather Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to remember the events of Jesus’ last days leading up to his death and resurrection.  It’s a week all about Jesus, thanks be to God!  I am so grateful for the people of St. Tim’s, who do so much to keep it that way!

The ever-present temptation to make anything and everything about “me” doesn’t go away in Holy Week.  For some of us, the temptation gets stronger.  With so much focus on the church, faith communities feel the tug to out-perform one another.  Who will have the best music, the most beautifully-decorated sanctuary, the spiffiest-looking congregants?  It may sound ridiculous, but if you’ve ever been in a position of leadership in a congregation, you know this tug.  God help me, I’ve spent many-a-Holy Week trying to put together the best sermon I’ve ever written. 

Thank God for you, St. Tim’s, and the church all over the world who resists this temptation!  Sure, we’ll have lilies and beautiful music.  Some will dig out that great egg casserole recipe for Easter brunch.  Some will unearth the one tie they own to look their best on resurrection morning.  But if we sing off-key, the lilies don’t open, the tie’s been eaten by moths, we only have a bag of potato chips for brunch, and the pastor lays an egg… Jesus lives!  We’ll all still gather and shout, “Alleluia!  Christ is risen!”  Because, after all, it is all about Jesus!

May the One who overcame death and the grave fill you with love, light, hope and peace!  Let’s have some Pringles and celebrate!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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