Beautiful Lent.

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flowersIt’s incredibly beautiful outside.  The daffodils are standing at attention.  Buds are appearing on every tree.  Sun-starved legs are liberated from the confines of trousers.  Car windows are rolled down.  It’s too glorious to be Lent!  Isn’t it?  This is a season of repentance, self-examination, fasting, and anticipation of Christ’s death.  It’s far too sunny outside.  How could the grape hyacinths dare to be so blue?

I just love it when Lent begins this late in the year.  Some years we’re waving palms by mid-March.  But not this year.  Right now, we’re in the thick of Jesus’ lasts: his last days, last teachings, last meals.  He’s on the road to death on a cross while the crocuses can’t stop smiling.  It strikes me, this experience is the Gospel story happening all at once!

Throughout the Bible we hear the same story over and over and over again:  death and resurrection.  God creates out of nothing.  God breathes life into dry bones.  God fills the wombs of women who have been unable to conceive:  Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth.  God comes in the flesh, born of a human mother, to dwell with us.  Even as we accompany the Messiah, God with us, to the cross, we see evidence of new life all around us.

As we continue on this Lenten walk together God reaches out to us with burning questions:  What, in each of us, needs to be made new?  How is our awareness of the new life around us exposing our great need for God to make ALL THINGS NEW?  What in our world needs God’s creative power right now?  Do we dare to hope God will do for us what God has done for the daffodil, the grape hyacinth, and the crocus?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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