For God So Loved the World.

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God loved the worldGod’s love isn’t always easy to see.  Images of distraught schoolchildren escaping gunfire are easy to find.  But John’s Gospel insists upon telling us, in unrelenting fashion, that God LOVES this world.  When times are tough, and I’m not convinced God’s love can triumph over the world’s destruction, God finds a way to give me hope.  This week at St. Tim’s, God came through again:

Monday – Began with a birthday party.  A now nine-year-old decided to raise money for animal humane in lieu of receiving gifts.  You gave nearly $1,000 to enjoy the pancakes her family provided in the Community Room.  Then, 24 people gathered for Bible study, laughter, and love.  Later that evening silent prayer and meditation filled the sanctuary, an NA group met to support one another, four families were sheltered through Family Promise, 25 people gathered for “Come and See” to break bread and journey together in faith, and music rang out from a choir composed of adults with special needs.

Tuesday – Lutheran Family Services offered ESL for recently-arrived refugees and asylees.  Local pastors met for bible study and encouragement.  An AA group gathered in hope.  The LIFE Program welcomed the second group of participants working toward financial wellness.

Wednesday – LFS staff and legal officials from Santa Fe met with refugees and asylees to begin the long process of obtaining the proper immigration paperwork.  Two AA groups gathered.  Musicians “jammed” to the glory of God.

Thursday – LFS returns for ESL, all are welcomed for Lenten worship and a meal, choir members make a joyful noise to the Lord, another AA group gathers.

Friday –  LFS prepares refugees for employment through resume-building and interview skills.  The GNM choir sings God’s praises.

God loves the world.  Period.  Where have you seen God’s love lately?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,

Pr. Rachael

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