Bigger than the Bomb Cyclone.

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Bomb CycloneBeing in New York City last week was an adventure. The city is a marvel of engineering, chock full of talent, and persists at an incredible pace. We’ve visited my sister’s family in Brooklyn many times, but this year was even more memorable.

On Thursday, the “Bomb Cyclone” winter storm hit NYC. Temperatures plunged and eight inches of snow fell in Central Park. Still, we had tickets to hear the NY Philharmonic and nothing was getting in our way. We bundled up and headed into Manhattan. We thought a walk down Broadway would be a great prelude to our symphonic experience. But when we arrived, we couldn’t believe what we saw. Nearly every business on Broadway was closed. We were alone on the sidewalks except for a few hearty locals, and a woman on cross-country skis at Broadway and 62nd. Even the Philharmonic felt the storm’s impact. In a hall that holds thousands, we were there with a few hundred others. The City That Never Sleeps stopped and marveled.

I can’t help thinking, no matter how dramatic the “bomb cyclone” was, it’s got nothin’ on the power of God. This Sunday we’ll hear the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. It’s nothing for him to do it. He doesn’t lift a finger. He simply speaks a word and the whole of nature obeys.

This power, Christ’s power, for love, grace, and restoration are with us every day. What might happen if we stopped and marveled at Christ’s power in the world? Where the hungry are fed, the addicted are in recovery, and broken relationships are restored. Where mountains soar, rain finally falls, and people gather for worship in joy and hope.

What might happen?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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