Best. Day. Ever.

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gatherWe had a great summer vacation!  We indulged in Wisconsin cheese curds, Sheboygan brats, and Indiana sweetcorn.  While eating our way through the Midwest, we enjoyed blessed time with family and friends, and lingered in beautiful fields of green.  We’re chock full of great memories.

In Psalm 84 this Sunday, we’ll hear someone else recalling a blessed “vacation.”  Yet, it’s quickly revealed this isn’t just one memory among many.  The Psalmist describes a journey that is transcendent, glorious, and defining: A trip to the holy temple in Jerusalem.

His awe and joy pour out.  The travel to and from Jerusalem is arduous, but his strength never fails.  The smallest detail is brilliantly vivid – a sparrow finds a home in God’s great dwelling place.  Summing up he declares, “For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere” (v. 10).  For this pilgrim, a day in the Lord’s temple is everything.  It’s the best day ever.

As people of faith, we confess God is everywhere.  God is in everyone, everything, and every moment.  God is with us always.  AND, we have been given the extraordinary gift of setting aside one day, one Sabbath each week, to rest in the grace of God’s loving presence.  On that day we gather, intentionally, to worship and receive the fullness of God’s gift of life in Christ.  Truth be told, for me, it’s the best day ever.

As you arrive for worship this Sunday, whether it’s in a storefront or ancient cathedral, take a moment and remember GOD IS THERE.  Breathe in God’s mercy, hope, forgiveness, and healing.  Listen to the stories of your struggling, celebrating, and faith-filled brothers and sisters.  Pray with passion.  Sing boldly.

It may just be the best day ever.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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