What Would A Sinner Do?

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yes-i-am-a-sinnerI have grown weary of the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” Jesus fed multitudes with sparse resources. I can’t. Jesus made the blind see and the lame walk. I can’t. Jesus lived the beatitudes. I’m nowhere in the ballpark. My answer to “What would Jesus do?” is “All sorts of things I can’t.” Sometimes, my inability to be like Jesus makes me incredibly frustrated. Sometimes, it causes me great grief. How can I be a disciple? I can’t even begin to do what Jesus would! But this Sunday, one woman changes everything.

In Luke 7:36-50, we meet a woman whose only distinguishing characteristic, as Luke tells it, is that she’s a sinner. She couldn’t even begin to perform the miracles Jesus did, but she’s not frustrated or grieving. In fact, she’s so overwhelmed with gratitude that she can’t stop kissing Jesus’ feet! Why? Because she knows who Jesus is! She knows he has come to lift up the lowly! She knows he has used his power to forgive, heal, and restore! She knows that in his eyes she is so much more than a sinner! And she is living her life in that beautiful, grace-filled reality. She’s on to something big.

She didn’t ask herself, “What would Jesus do?” She asked, “What can I, a sinner, do out of the mercy God has shown me?” As it turns out, she could do quite a bit. Jesus holds her up as the example of hospitality and discipleship. Her story has inspired millions, including me.

I’m a sinner, just like her. The question before me is the same, “What can I, a sinner, do out of the mercy God has shown me?” As it turns out, I can do quite a bit.
What about you?

See you Sunday…
Pr. Rachael

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