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blog-01192017When was the last time you met someone new? What questions did you ask them? I have the wonderful opportunity to meet new people quite frequently, and I find myself asking the same questions: What is your professional vocation? When you have spare time, what do you like to do with it? What’s your family like? What’s your experience with church? What is God up to in your life? In my efforts to get to know someone, I definitely toe the line of being downright nosy. However, in light of our Gospel reading this coming Sunday, I realize how mundane these questions are! Jesus doesn’t waste a moment on small talk. One conversation with him and life will never be the same!

In Luke 5:1-11, future disciples Simon, James, and John meet Jesus for the first time. They’re going about their daily professional vocation of fishing, but they’re not having much luck. As they make their way to shore, they notice a commotion. A crowd has gathered. The man Jesus, who has stirred up controversy and proven himself a miracle-working preacher, has made his way to their lake and approaches Simon. Jesus asks to teach from Simon’s boat. There may have been a brief, “Hi! How are ya?” but what comes next not only changes Simon’s life forever but James’ and John’s as well.

As we come together for worship this Sunday, we’ll stand alongside Simon, James and John, and meet Jesus. We’ll experience the outrageous behavior of our Lord and Savior with them. We’ll hear our Savior’s extraordinary words with them. Who knows what life will be like for us after our encounter with Jesus? Just be ready, Jesus isn’t big on “small talk.”

See you Sunday!

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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