I Get Down, God Lifts Me Up!

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christmas-tree-cleanupThis is the week. The task I dread is upon me: Taking down the Christmas tree. So many emotions bubble up with this basic, post-holiday responsibility. Vacation is over. Not every gift I gave was a “home run.” Even the seams in my comfy pants are screaming from too much holiday fudge, cookies, hot chocolate, and candy.

Worst of all: Christ has come, but everything is not O.K.

I still don’t want to watch the news, hate is still alive and well, and all of my “issues” are still my “issues.” Anyone feel me on this? Amen?!

If you do, do not miss worship this Sunday. The shepherds, angels, and wise men have all exited the stage, but God has not left us alone! This week we will hear the unrestrained joy of the one-and-only female named a “prophet” in the New Testament – Anna. In Luke 2, Anna is in the temple when Jesus arrives. She hears the testimony of a man named Simeon to whom the Spirit has revealed that Jesus is the Lord’s Messiah.

Anna loses it in the best…possible…way!

She begins praising God to anyone and everyone who will listen. God’s Messiah, who will be the redemption and consolation of Jerusalem, Israel, and all the nations, has come!

It may not feel like it this very moment, or when you’re taking down the Christmas tree, but IN JESUS WE HAVE REASON TO HOPE! God’s purpose, that all the earth would be blessed, takes on flesh and blood! God’s love grows hands and feet! God’s promise for life everlasting is here and now!

Come this Sunday and experience with me the joy of Anna. She has more than enough to go around, thanks be to God!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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