Whose project is it?

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blocksI am fascinated by kid building projects. Many little kids, including my own, love to build gigantic towers made out of nearly any material (blocks, stuffed animals, mom’s ceramic mugs) and knock them over. As some kids get older, they still like to build towers, however, they want to preserve them. My sister and I would build entire cities for our Matchbox cars and beg my parents to let them stay standing as long as possible. Kid construction is incredible and great for the brain, but it also points to a human tendency that leads to all sorts of brokenness: We don’t want anyone messing with what we build.

This Sunday, we’ll hear a story from the book of Daniel. Daniel, a Jewish exile living in Babylon, refuses to bow down to the empire that has been built and maintained through oppressive, tyrannical force. Instead, he bows down to the God of Israel who brought God’s people out of oppression and slavery. By living his faith in the God of Abraham and Sarah, Daniel is messing with what the Babylonian rulers have built. Babylon is not his ultimate empire, and the Babylonian leaders don’t like it. They’re upset enough to throw him into the lions’ den. Point taken: Do not mess with Babylon’s towers!

Yet, Daniel remains faithful. Would I? Would you? What have I built that I don’t want God messing with (“my” work, goals, bank account, etc.)? Do I bow down to the structures of my cultural empire instead of the God of heaven and earth (status, wealth, power, achievement, etc.)?

Join me in worship this Sunday! Let’s knock down some of our self-constructed buildings! And receive together the Spirit’s reconstructive power of forgiveness, hope, and love!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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