It’s time.

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its-timeKing Uzziah is best known for being dead. He’s a king who ruled in Jerusalem in the 8th century BCE. Have you heard of him? He’s certainly NOT David or Solomon. A few verses in 1 & 2 Chronicles and 2 Kings tell us a little about him. He was alright. He did some good. He could’ve done more. But it’s his death that marks the beginning of the work of the great prophet Isaiah.

In Isaiah 6:1 the prophet tells us, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord…” Isaiah’s encounter with the Lord is an overwhelming experience. There’s smoke, six-winged Seraphs, the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. But before we get to the pyrotechnics, we have to know Uzziah died that year. A so-so king gets top billing in the call of the prophet Isaiah? Why? Because God needs us to know that God is at work in our history. God’s interaction with the world is not simply a nice, ‘once-upon-a-time,’ tale. God is working among us right here, right now.

I’m keenly aware of that gift, God’s work right here and right now, as I compose this blog the day Donald Trump was elected as our new president. Some are appalled, some are elated, and some are simply relieved the campaigning is over. What Isaiah 6 reminds us is that no matter who is president, GOD is active here and now. GOD is with us and in us, that all the world may experience GOD’S love, and hear GOD’S call to work for justice and peace.

However you feel today, it’s time for God’s people to get to work. Who will experience God’s love, justice, and peace right here and right now because God let it out through you?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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