Is it over already?

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timefly.jpgHave you ever had such a great time doing something that when it ended you couldn’t believe it was already over? For example: attending a brilliant concert, spending a weekend with friends, or working hard for an entire career? I’ve been having that feeling lately:

  • We’re grieving the loss of people we love. Members and friends of St. Tim’s are resting in the peace of Christ, thanks be to God, but it seems impossible that their earthly journey is over.
  • Graduation is almost here. Three young people who mean a lot to us as a community of faith will be celebrating the end of high school and moving on to college.
  • I’m saying goodbye to my 30s. Can I really be entering my fifth decade? Why couldn’t junior high have gone as fast as the last ten years?

Into this reality, 1 Corinthians 13 comes to us on Sunday. It’s an often-quoted passage about love. Love is patient and kind. Love hopes and endures all things. But what means everything right now is verse 8, “Love never ends.”

There are no limits to God’s gift of love. God’s love in Christ, poured out for us and the world, is a love that will not quit. God’s love claims us and never lets us go.

It is this never-ending love that flows from Christ, to us, and out to the world.

Because the love we give away originates in Christ, no matter where or when we give it, it keeps going. No matter what kind of barrier may separate us, the love we share lives on. Our loved ones rest, graduates go on to the next step, and we get another year older, all in Christ’s never-failing love.

Time flies, but God’s love soars…forever.

See you Sunday…
God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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