I can’t. But he can.

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cant canAbout this time every year I reach my limit. The 12 Days of Christmas are over and the New Year celebrations are done. I can’t eat another thing slathered in gravy. I can’t address another envelope or wrap another package. I’m done.

In one way, it’s a really liberating time of year. All the guests have returned home, so the toothpaste on the bathroom floor can stay there, breakfast cereal can be an entrée, and dust bunnies can grow and thrive.

Still, there’s something defeating about this January fatigue. I want to be able to do everything imaginable to celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Savior of the world. I want to sing, laugh, pray, dance, eat, host, gift and love to the fullest. And I want to keep this up the whole year through! Every day is a celebration of Christ’s coming, Amen?! But inevitably, I reach my limit. I can’t do it all.

This Sunday we come together in various stages of reaching our limits. Life is full-steam ahead even when we can’t muster any steam. But what we’ll hear about Jesus in Mark 2:1-22 is glorious: While we can’t to do it all in Jesus’ name, Jesus does it all for us!

This Sunday we’ll experience Jesus together as he forgives sins, heals, confronts earthly power and crosses boundaries. Jesus will do it! Jesus’ love does not depend upon our energy, enthusiasm or readiness.

We can’t do it all – Jesus does!

If you’re tired and out of steam; If you’ve reached your limit; If you’re done; the Good News this Sunday is for you. Jesus is here, now, for you. Just sit back. Breathe in his grace. Receive his love without limits.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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