Waiting Like a 2nd Grader

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waiting in lineThe school “line-up spot” for 2nd-graders is incredible. It’s a lot different from the lines I wait in. Lines at the bank and the post office, where I often wait, are relatively controlled affairs. Some of us text, some nap, and some occasionally dare small talk. But waiting in line for elementary school to start is a whole other adventure.

With two minutes to go the warning bell rings. Kids race from all over the school grounds to line up. Some have already managed grass stains on their knees. Some are so excited to see their friends they nearly tackle one another. The last two minutes in line are loosely-controlled chaos. The lines are amazingly structured but in constant motion. Kids jump, dance, laugh, wave and shout. They’re doing what they’re told, they’re waiting. But they can barely contain themselves. I wonder if God has something like that in mind for Advent.

On Sunday we begin the Advent season. Advent is from the Latin “ad-venire” or “to come to.” In other words, during Advent we wait together for something, someone to come to us. We await the coming of God made flesh, Jesus the Christ child. At the same time, we await the day Christ will come again and peace finally reigns.

This Advent I’m moved to ask, does my waiting look more like a 2nd grader in line for school or standing in line at the bank? Am I so excited for what is to come, all that God is doing and will do, that I can barely contain myself? Or am I content to make small talk? Will I jump, dance, laugh, wave and shout knowing Christ is coming? Or will I nap?

What will you do?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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