Ummm, what do I do now?

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questionsI don’t like not knowing what to do. I feel anxious, impatient and like I have somehow failed. What’s the right answer? Which direction will lead to the best result? On my worst days, I begin to panic thinking, “I have to figure this out!” Ever felt that way?

As hard as it can be to face, “What do I do now?” echoes in homes, dorm rooms, workplaces, doctors’ offices, classrooms, etc. all over the world every day. It can be really painful. It can lead to despair. But in our Gospel reading for this Sunday God reveals that not-knowing-what-to-do moments may just lead to God’s grace.

The disciple Philip, in John 6:1-21, is put on the spot. Jesus asks him a question and he has no idea, really, NO IDEA what to do. I imagine Philip’s palms getting sweaty as he turns to the other disciples desperately looking for a solution. Unbeknownst to Philip, Jesus hasn’t been completely on the up-and-up. Jesus has had the answer all along (sneaky, huh?)! As Jesus presents his outlandish plan it becomes clear that no matter how much Philip tried, he never would’ve thought of the answer Jesus provides. No matter how hard Philip or any of the disciples tried to find the “right” answer, they never would have imagined what Jesus could and would do.

So this week (or month or year), I invite you to try something with me. The next time you have absolutely no idea, no clue of what to do – stop. Take a breath. Pray. Jesus knows a way. He has a way for you. Ash him and who knows, he may just let you in on a miracle.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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