Our God is Powerful

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god the greatOur God is powerful.
He stands invincible.
I will hold on to him!
I will hold on to him!

These words kick off the theme song for Vacation Bible School here at St. Tim’s this week. The moves that go with the song call for lots of flexing and pointing “up to” heaven. As I was preparing to lead the kids in this song I started asking all sorts of questions. I was getting concerned. Will this song lead the kids to ask all sorts questions, too?

If God is so powerful, why did my Grandpa die of cancer?
If God is so powerful, why can’t God help me to read better?
If God is so powerful, why are the kids at school mean to me sometimes?

Kids are smart. They ask these kinds of questions, the kind where there are no easy answers. I felt conflicted. I began to think that we should just skip the song altogether.

But then I read the Gospel for this Sunday…

If you haven’t read Mark 5:21-43 for a while, check it out. We’ll hear it on Sunday, bask in the Good News it reveals about the power of God in Christ and then hear the kids belt out, “Our God is Powerful.”

God is powerful. God’s love never fails. God creates and sustains all things. God’s love cannot be defeated by brokenness or death and will never, ever come to an end. God lifts up the lowly and feeds the hungry with good things. God gives us each other so that we can wrestle with the big questions together.

I will hold on to him! I will hold onto him! Hopefully, that’ll be stuck in your head all week, too!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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