Getting Ready for Not-So-Ordinary Time

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just sayWe’ve entered the long season of Pentecost. Did I mention it was long? Sure, it’s summer and the weather is great but this season of the church year is sorely lacking in celebrations. We get a bit of a reprieve with a Vacation Bible School party and our Music Clinic Sunday but there’s no Christmas story, no empty tomb, and no tongues of flame burning with God’s Spirit. Historically, the church has even referred to this season as Ordinary Time. Yep, ordinary.

So, I have a proposition for you, people of God: Let’s refuse to let this season be ordinary! What if we came to worship every week this summer ready to tell each other about the power of God at work in our lives?! What if we approached Pentecost season with a sense of awe about what the Spirit is doing every minute of every day in our homes, in our relationships and in our city?! What if we prayed together and were even more attentive to God’s presence in our neighbors?! What if we shook things up and made it a goal to invite someone we care about who doesn’t know how loved they are in Jesus Christ to worship?! What if we recklessly threw around, with everyone we encounter, the love of God that is poured out on us every day?!

Imagine what a summer it would be! Are you game?

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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