“It’s easier to do it myself.”

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by myselfI’ve said that many times in my life. If I know something needs to get done and I want to make sure it works out in a certain way I often convince myself that it’s easier to just do it myself. Rarely, that’s true. But one place where I find this theory blown out of the water, time and time again, is in a life of faith.

This past week I was away in Salt Lake for the Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly. Because it was a good distance away, the assembly was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That meant there was no way I could preach and lead worship on Sunday morning. I couldn’t do it myself. After some stress about leaving St. Tim’s “in the lurch” it dawned on me (thank you, Holy Spirit, for saving me from myself…again) that this was not a cause for anxiety but for celebration! If I wasn’t here, all sorts of children of God could share their gifts and proclaim the Good News. And, wow, did they ever?! I have heard from countless folks that Sunday morning was nothing less than a joyful, Spirit-filled experience. Amen?!

We’ll hear something quite similar from Jesus himself this coming Sunday. In John 15, he calls us friends. He lets us in on God’s purposes for the world which are summed up in one word: LOVE. God in Christ comes close enough to us to LOVE us as friends and then lets us loose to LOVE others. We certainly cannot do or experience any of that alone.

Come, join us this Sunday and hear God’s great love for you! We’re all on this walk with Christ together! Thanks be to God!

See you Sunday…

In Christ,
Pr. Rachael

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