There’s no dial tone?!

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phone offIt’s amazing how quickly we can lose touch. Last week a garbage truck took down the phone line and internet access at church. I had all sorts of plans to get in touch with people. I had visits to schedule, worship assistants to contact and return calls to make. But one visit from the garbage truck left me completely out of touch.

Isn’t that always the way? How many times have you tried to stay in touch with someone and something came up? You have thought of loved ones so many times, sat down to write an email to them so many times, picked up the phone so many times only to be distracted by fill-in-the-blank. Maybe it was laundry or work or a wayward garbage truck. Whatever it was, you didn’t keep in touch.

Sheepishly, I must admit, God can be one of my “loved ones” in this scenario. Too often I have thought, “I was going to pray, I was going to talk to you about this God, but something came up.” Have you ever felt like you were losing touch with God?

If so, this Easter season, God has some especially Good News for you!

If anything is clearly revealed in our Gospel readings for the Easter season, it’s that nothing – absolutely nothing – can disconnect us from the resurrected Christ. He moves through locked doors, satisfies the demands of those who do not believe, and offers mercy and peace to his betrayers. No matter how disconnected the disciples believe they have made themselves from God, God always bridges the gap. God in Christ always comes to repair, restore and love.

God will never lose touch with you…ever. Come, worship, and hear God’s GREAT news for you!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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