It’s a Risky Business.

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risk blogI like to have a plan and be able to anticipate what’s coming. It helps me feel safe. I like feeling safe. The thing is, faith doesn’t really fit with my craving for safety. It can be downright risky.

Here at St. Tim’s I have heard many a person say, “Let’s try it!” Hmmmm. “Let’s try it” means we don’t know if it will work. We don’t know if all of the time, resources and passion we pour into something will ‘pay off.’ It feels rather risky.

But, like it or not, that’s where Jesus likes to hang out. Jesus took tremendous risks as he challenged authority, embraced lepers and forgave his executioners. Because Jesus refused to keep himself safe he became life and hope for us all. As Jesus’ followers, we’re called to go where he leads us and, you can bet, it’s going to be risky.

Many faithful followers have experienced the pain that can come from the risks of following. Our hard work and passion don’t always ‘pay off’ in a way we can see or hold. But this weekend, we also get to see how this risky enterprise of faith leads to hope, life and renewal.

This Sunday we will welcome new members who have completed “Come and See,” a new way of deepened discipleship. Dedicated followers from this congregation risked their time, energy, and passion to make it happen. This Sunday we rejoice together as the waters of baptism flow and the Holy Spirit is poured out abundantly. Thanks be to God!

We’re certainly not done. More risk is coming. There’s no doubt that craving for safety will want to take charge. But when that happens, I trust God will send another brave, Spirit-filled soul to stand up and say, “Let’s try it!” Will it be you?

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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