A change of scenery

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The ballroom at La Fonda in Santa Fe was on fire Tuesday! A 5 alarm, Holy Spirit fire! It was the scene of the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry Bishop’s Legislative Luncheon and it was out of control! People from churches all over New Mexico (Alamogordo, Farmington, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and Las Cruces just to name a few), of all different faith traditions (Unitarian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Roman Catholic just to name a few) came together with faith agencies, legislators, and our synodical Bishop, Jim Gonia, to encourage one another in the task of advocacy. Everyone in the room was honest about how hard it is to work for justice but they were also charged up to be doing the work to which God calls us! Advocating for the hungry, the homeless, the weak and the vulnerable is exactly what Christ calls us to do! And don’t look now but there are brilliant, humble, passionate, resourceful and faith-filled folks all around us doing it every single day.

That’s easy to forget. The injustice of poverty is overwhelming in our state. I am frustrated enough sometimes that I’m moved to ask, “Can I really make any difference at all?” But I was reminded that every voice, every vote, every passionate, energetic, resourceful and prayerful child of God MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I needed this change of scenery and perhaps you do, too!

In our Gospel reading for this Sunday, Jesus invites Peter, James and John up a mountain for a pretty dramatic change of scenery. We all need it. God provides it! If your scenery needs to change, don’t miss the Gospel of Mark this Sunday…it may just start a fire in you! Amen?!

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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