Jesus – Man of Action!

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The Gospels are filled with Jesus’ words. Thanks be to God! I can’t imagine trying to be a disciple without the Beatitudes and his brilliant parables. But in Mark’s Gospel this divine wordsmith takes a different approach.

In our reading from Mark this Sunday (1:21-28) we hear that the crowds are astounded by the authority of Jesus’ teaching. But, we never hear a word he says! Mark, for all of his references to Jesus as teacher, doesn’t give us a sermon on the mount or anything like the speeches we encounter in John’s Gospel. Instead, Jesus shows us who he is and does what the Kingdom of God is all about.

As followers of Jesus we talk and think a lot about what we should say. How will I give my testimony? If someone asks me about my faith will I have the right words? These are good questions, important questions. But most of our lives are not spent before a captive audience (thanks be to God!). Most of the time we go about our lives DOING what needs to be done, or better yet, what we feel God is calling us to do. Perhaps it is just there, in the doing of everyday life, that ‘Jesus – Man of Action’ is alive and active in us – a smile offered to a frazzled sales clerk, sweeping the neighbor’s front walk, listening to a co-worker, returning a friend’s call, sending a card to someone who’s struggling…

I am so grateful for Jesus’ words – of life, hope and forgiveness. And, thanks be to God for the ‘Man of action’ whose love fills us, strengthens us and makes us new every day! Amen?!

Go to it, ‘Disciple of action!’

See you Sunday..

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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