Watching me wait…

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ivotedI voted on Tuesday. It’s important to me. But something else happened at the polling place that has stayed with me. I waited and waited and waited in line, and then a cameraman showed up.

You see, I’m a very impatient person. I work on it. I do. But today I was in a rush. My heart sank when I saw the line and I could feel the color of irritation rushing to my cheeks. I wasn’t overly warm to the people around me. I checked my watch every two minutes, adding a sigh at each interval. Then I noticed the cameraman from KRQE. He pointed the camera in my general direction and I could only imagine what that lens caught: my slumped posture and stony expression told the story.

The Gospel reading this Sunday gives us a parable in which Jesus challenges his followers to be alert, to be ready, and to keep awake as we wait for him. It acknowledges the reality that we are living in an in-between time. God in Christ has come but the kingdom is not yet fulfilled. Suffering is everywhere and we can’t wait for all of that to come to an end! But I had to wonder today, what if a camera focused in on my posture as I waited for Christ? Would my waiting take the form of outwardly-focused love and showing care to those around me? Working for justice and peace as I am empowered to do it? Or would my watch-checking, dramatic sighs and stony expression tell the story?

What if the camera focused on you?

See you Sunday!

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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